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Hi there! Thank you for visiting my site! I'm Vicki, otherwise known as Vix, a slightly eccentric, nerdy, and hopeless dreamer. I feed on anything creative whether it's photography, crochet, writing, design or any number of crafts I find myself immersed in.

I'm a widowed mother to one daughter who is just as dorky, if not more so, than I am. She's my muse, my shenanigator (haha, I love that word!) and many of my writings tend to be about the two of us and our mischievous antics.

I'm a hillbilly from the Ozark "Mountains." Really, they're more like big hills made of rock and a sprinkling of dirt, but don't tell that to the people that live here. We tend to get cranky when our mountains are demoted. I'm part white girl, part Cherokee, but mostly just crazy. It makes for an interesting life.

Pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea (or booze, whatever. I don't judge) and have a look around. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.

Before I go, I probably should put a few rules/disclaimers/other crap up just so we're all square with each other. Sounds fun, right? Here goes...


I ADORE comments! They make me happy. Please leave them. But if you do make sure they are clean and SPAM FREE! If you spam the comments I will hunt you down and a show you how I look without make-up. You will be ruined for life. So please, don't risk it. Also, keep the profanity to the PG-13 variety. Deal?


Heck yeah, you can sell finished products made from my designs. All my crochet patterns, photoshop templates, photoshop actions, etc., are to be used by you in a professional way. Charity or profit are all good in my book. Personal use is also fine. That's why they exist - for you to use. But PLEASE do not share, reproduce, or resell patterns/templates/other crap designed by me. I do have free patterns as well as paid patterns. Please credit me and link back to www.MapleGroveCreative.com when using my patterns. It's the right thing to do, man!


All content, photographs, designs, etc., are the sole property of me, Vicki Byerley. I take copyright EXTREMELY serious, y'all. Don't steal my images, don't steal my patterns and templates, don't steal my designs and we'll be cool. If you do steal my stuff, be prepared for the consequences. I will uphold my copyright to the fullest extent the law allows. It ain't no joke, peoples!