Freebie Friday - Lion Graph

9/02/2016 05:47:00 PM Maple Grove Creative Design 0 Comments

It's once again FREEBIE time! The best time of the week in my opinion.

This week we have this fella. Don't let his size fool you, he's pretty gentle. Unless you're holding a raw steak, then you may be in a bit of trouble. What's really great about this guy is he LOVES yarn as much as we do. For Christmas every year the only thing he asks for is a huge ball of yarn to play with and chase around the savanna. He does his best to keep it for the entire year, but usually around April it's been completely destroyed. So the rest of the year he spends his time sleeping about 20 hours a day and dreaming of more balls of yarn.

So if you make him into a crocheted (or knitted) item I'm sure you would make him immensely happy. Won't you do that for him. After all, he doesn't ask for much.

Introducing General Leo Fang III 
Happy Hooking!

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