Freebie Friday - Bear Graph

7/29/2016 10:39:00 AM Maple Grove Creative Design 0 Comments

It's FRIDAY again! I'm really enjoying releasing new things each week. I hope you all are, too! Are you ready for the next one?

 Another graph in the series is ready for you all!
This week we have this fella. He's not your typical bear. He really enjoys a good pampering session. In fact, he just had a manicure and he's trying to let his nails dry without messing them up for once. You see, he's quite clumsy, too. He doesn't get invited to parties much because he's bound to break everything in sight. He really loves parties, though. Friends are kind of hard to come by because they don't want to be constantly replacing all their belongings. This makes him sad. But he tries to keep a positive attitude. And he really loves to cuddle!

Won't you show him what true friendship is by inviting him to a crochet party? It would mean the world to him!

Introducing Beary Potter.
Happy Hooking!

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