Dandelion Dreams Printables

7/28/2016 08:34:00 AM Maple Grove Creative Design 0 Comments

Dandelion Dreams Printables are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase! Yes folks, you heard that correctly! It's DEBUT TIME!

These long awaited printables are ready to ROLL! These aren't your average printables, either. They are elegant, classy, high-end, and simply beautifully designed (if I do say so myself!)

Not only are they just AMAZING, but you get 16 FULL RESOLUTION jpg files (plus 1 info file) with your purchase. Most printables come with 1-2 files. Not many options there, but you can do SO MUCH with these babies!

Here's what's included:
~Product Wraps in both Portrait and Landscape orientation - These wrap around your actual product. Great for boot cuffs, kitchen items, and many, many other things!
~Product Tags - Business Card sized tags to hang from your items.
~Mini Tags - Half the size of a business card. Hangs from your items.
~Skinny Tags - A quarter the size of a business card. Also hangs from your items.
~Avery Template for easy printing on Avery paper products.
~Blank backs for each size tag - You can add washing instructions, etc., on these tags. It's UNHEARD OF to get blank copies of the background design. But you get them with these!
To purchase, head on over to my Etsy page at www.MapleGroveCreative.Etsy.com.

I'll be releasing the other designs soon, so keep checking in. Order them all and really add some flare to your items!

Happy Hooking!

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