Freebie Friday - Bunny Graph

7/22/2016 06:01:00 AM Maple Grove Creative Design 1 Comments

How is it already Friday? This week went by faster than the people in a small town gossip. But that's okay! Because that means it's time for a FREEBIE!!!

Another graph is on tap for you today.

This week we have this cute lil fella. But don't tell him he's cute or little. He doesn't like that. He has a bit of an attitude, if I'm being honest. You know how small dogs think they're big dogs? Well, unlike those dogs, this guy knows he's small and he doesn't take crap from people about his compact sizing. His name is Dennis. Dennis Hopper. He's quick to jump to conclusions to just about everything. But everyone tends to forgive him because he's quite the looker. You don't want to get on his bad side, though, because he'll roundhouse kick you into next week. Trust me on that one, folks. He'll be your friend for life if you bring him fresh veggies, however. His favorite being carrots. He especially likes them in soup form on cold winter nights.

Introducing Dennis Hopper! 
Happy Hooking!

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